Our team is located in Warsaw, Poland. We have big experience in software development with PHP, JavaScript, C++ and C# languages. We're working also on SQL databases. What distinguishes us? Well, thousands lines of code dedicated to image processing and analysis (simple RGB, but also multispectral). Try us!

Software Development
Image Processing & Analysis


We can advise you in the following areas:

Earth monitoring
Satelite and UAV images processing and analysis. Especialy for environmental and security topics. We're projecting advanced monitoring systems.
Software development
We have big experience in PHP, C++ and C# programming.
Software for electronics
Cameras? Antennas? Data transmition? Algorithmic integrated with UAV systems? No problem for us!
Environmental projects
Days worked for big partners
Number of code lines

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Wileńska St. 45/27 03-417 Warszawa, Poland
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E-mail: j@kupferschmied.pl Phone: (48) 88 33 96 169